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cameras in the courtroom television and the pursuit of justice author marjorie cohn sep 2011

TV cameras in court Announcement expected to see cameras allowed in courts in England.

Cameras in court: David Gilroy sentenced in UK's first televised High Court case Judge Lord Bracadale gives David Gilroy life in prison for the murder of Suzanne Pilley in the first sentencing to be recorded on ...

Courts of

cameras into the wild a history of early wildlife and expedition filmmaking 1895 1928

Join a Wildlife Photographer on the Hunt for the Perfect Shot | Short Film Showcase What does it take to capture the perfect shot in the wild? For Belgian photographer Michel d'Oultremont, patience is key. Poised ...

History of the Movie Camera - In the Shot We like talking about new cameras

cameras manual

How to Shoot Manual on your DSLR for Beginners I hope you enjoy this tutorial! What mode do you use when you're out shooting? Have you ever tried using Manual? Tell me your ...

Control Your Phone's Camera Like A DSLR | How To Shoot In Manual On Your Phone Check Out

cameras with manual focus

Manual focus techniques for mirrorless cameras Sometimes manual focus is a better option than autofocus. Sometimes it's the only option. I used to stink at focusing my lenses ...

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